Innit Inc Ltd Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 2022

To operate as a business, Innit Inc Ltd processes Personal Data about audiences, freelancers, employees and vendors. The use of personal data is governed by the UK General Data Protection Regulation (the "UK GDPR"). Innit Inc Ltd takes data protection seriously and understands the impact that data breaches and misuse of data may have on data subjects. Compliance with this policy is necessary for us to maintain the confidence and trust of those whose personal data we handle.

Innit Inc Ltd will not send personal data to a third party or another organisation unless the data subject has given their authority to do so or Innit Inc Ltd are otherwise permitted by law. Innit Inc Ltd will take care to consider whether the data subject has given authority to their data being passed to another organisation before we transmit the data. Where data is being sent to an organisation for them to process the data either on their own behalf or for Innit Inc Ltd, Innit Inc Ltd will carry out due diligence on that organisation to make sure they have adequate data protection standards and processes. Innit Inc Ltd will carry out due diligence, put in place contracts and/or data sharing protocols to govern the use of data by the third party to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and guidance.

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Innit Incorporated Ltd is a company registered in the UK.
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